What Tools Are Used for Web Development!
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Much like an app developer, a web developer has a wide variety of tools at his/her disposal. These tools are necessary to ensure that the web pages they create are running smoothly on their respective platforms. As such, having the right tools and knowing how to use them is crucial for the success of any developer. Here are some examples of tools being used by these developers.

1. Built-in browser tools- As its name would suggest, such tools are built-in for specific web browsers. As they already come installed with the browser, additional modules and configurations are not necessary anymore. It is interesting to note that all of the world’s top web browsers have built-in web developer tools. They are most commonly used by developers as a means to see the make-up of their pages, to know if the page is running properly and if there are still some things that can be added.

2. Debugging tools- Seeing errors in the page code is crucial for ensuring proper site function. This is where debugging tools come into the picture. These consoles are capable of viewing errors encountered while a script is being executed. They also allow programmers to add commands, call functions, and repair errors at any given time. Debuggers such as those used in JavaScript ensure the page and all of its plugins are working like they should.

There are many other web development tools that can be used by either a web developer on an app developer. All these are made available for ensure effective website development.

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